(Thee) Static Rituals
(Thee) Static Rituals
(Thee) Static Rituals Incriminating Photographs


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demon with a glass hand i have lost control, i fell in yr hole, i gave up my soul, i have lost control four to the left, three to the right, two to the front, what will come of it i am stuck in the machine, i have no mouth and yet i must scream looking for the master plan, to save myself i must use my hand i notice that this canít be happening to me, in time iíll find a different song to sing i took a chance before i met demands, i lost it to the demon with the glass hand intolerance for the weaknesses in others my body starts to rust as i eat while i sleep iíve got a broken parasol and some rotten meat i told her ďkein mein framfĒ but it donít make no sense so she punctures my lungs and she sends me to bed toothbrush handle with some razor blades i keep it close to my side to keep the faggots at bay sitting here watching as my freedom slips away they stole my face, and they gave me a name gave me an opinion and made me their slave... and i got the way you make me feel puts a hole in my head i tried to force feed you some life, but yr already dead you rock my ass back with those passionate lips why donít you take off yr pants and let me jump start yr hips pleased to meet you, youíve changed always a stormy road, no pleasing, will someone tell me what iím reading? two-thousand tongues sweet peach, yr out of reach pleased to meet you, youíve changed, pleased to meet you, i stayed the same manipulate the soaring tv, better off you than me lazy summer girls, yr out of reach, out of reach, out of reach, out of reach my bartenderís name is jesus well i found god in a liquor store so i prayed prayed prayed while he poured poured poured drinking every noon and night until i see the light my bartenderís name is jesus, hey jesus yr alight i confessed to god in a corner bar gave me ten hail maryís in a mason jar my soul lies in the balance so i fear itís not enough my bartenderís name is jesus, hey, jesus fill her up i shot god with my .44, he slumped into the taps then he fell to the floor whoís the son of god to say iíve had enough my bartenderís name was jesus until jesus cut me off self destruction for the self-obsessed i lost myself, i lost you there, iíll take what is mine, iíll take all our friends, and then iíll take all the world, iíll take whatís mine, iíll take all the world, this fare is just fine itís fine not on my watch, this joke is free, not on my watch, the jokeís on me my mind is on mute, itís yrs to share, my heart is acute not that you care, you care iíll suffer through time, iíll make it mine, iíll mock all the sounds, iíll mock what i rhyme yeah i rhyme synthetiquette theme song i donít want to take, who are you to ask, i donít want to love, never had the chance
problems with my head summertime sick on my back, college films with girls who canít act take off yr clothes in the name of art, iíll do my share you do yr part someoneís drunk my mindís not straight, restraining order from a girl i used to date donít know when somethingís wrong, just think i know time takes too long please donít speak and just look cute, no more birds, need new recruits itís all me itís in my head, itís just me iím in the red, itís all me what have i said before all i can say is i donít trust a word i say, all i know is i canít feel a thing thatís real all i know is i donít trust whatís in my heart, all i can tell is somewhere down the line i fell apart (i wanna be yr) playground sweating out the purity of my heart, we can make believe, yeah, weíll call it art everybody wants to feel dignified, wanna pass out drunk with you by my side my face is plastered in yr nightmares, you scream for air, iíll aim for tears if i fuck with you we both live alone, iím trying to make my presence known yr my favorite flavour, i wanna be yr playground functional i see a tear fall from yr black and blue eye i hear my daughter call my name as iím sitting here waiting to die my veins are fractured, my mind is on welfare, my heart doesnít care i donít want you to miss me i just donít want to be here i taste danger, i smell fuck, iíve been struck dead by yr dirty looks itís been three days passing, when will my syrup dreams end iím laying here gasping for air as my blood covers the bed you tell me iím okay, you diagnose me as well i hate it here in heaven, take me back to hell i fear hazard, i taste lust, you give me no reason to learn to trust iím not so functional, iím a pretty fucked drug prick, pretty fucked iím not yr toaster queen, but i will scream when you rip out my seams i want conflict, you want love, misinterpretation of my beautiful gun loose lips always sink relationships iíd rather feel the same way else i waste my time, iím bored, iím lame, iíll trade my kingdom for yr pain i sit and stall and watch it all, i lost my passion for this game then again, yr thoughts my friend? i waste my time on you, in this room dark and used my thoughts are blurred and few, our time was all i had to do donít give a fuck, donít have that glow, the more i ask the less i know with words come spite it follows me home, you are a gas, i am a drone then again, yr thoughts my friend? through my door from the desk of big time watch this fade watch my shadow curl up, itís proof to you iíve got it made can you damage lives and leave no trace make passion disappear, well, watch yr father, heís a classic case you were caught, youíll be cut, now youíve been warned probably not the best way to start the race step on my feet again, youíll watch me put you in my place managed debt, it manifests, strike back never even got the chance to learn all of the life i lack with all these people coming through my door, i miss you lost love, once i had in store, this is true weíll have what we had before, i know you with all these people coming through my door, i miss you. to bow out gracefully lordís got me lookiní for someone but i aint found no one yet lord, iíve been drinking for oh so long, lord iíve been hittiní the bottle and i have no passion left time keeps on trying to pass me by, but it aint gone no where yet the love and war we had before